Datatrotters is a project developing a new type of digital teaching and learning material aimed to improve learning outcomes from Economics courses. The solution is based on extensive use of real and dynamic data related both to theory and topical issues. Through testing with pilot customers, the project has started to demonstrate the benefits of the solution.

Empower the future generation with relevant knowledge to solve complex economic issues the world is facing.

Foster a new generation of innovative economists and decision makers.




Open data sources are multiplying and big data is expanding. New digital tools create new opportunities to visualize data, to design individual adaptive learning paths, and thus increase learning outcomes.

Many students complain that Economics as a subject is taught in a theoretical way that seems unrealistic and removed from our daily reality. Teaching rarely focuses on applications and seldom uses real data. Teaching does not encompass interactivity nor interactions. This weakens students‘ motivation, learning outcomes and the relevance of the studies to the labour market.

  • We work on real world issues because we believe that is why you want to learn Economics.
  • We give you the possibility to navigate real data because we believe it is one of the best ways to prepare students for the job market.
  • We integrate data with models because we believe that trying try to solve complex real-world problems is how you can learn to excel in a future role as decision maker, analyst, researcher and opinion leader. Data is key, but it isn’t everything. Models help you structure your thinking and interpret the data.
  • We propose questions and in-depth feedback because we believe that active engagement dramatically increases learning outcomes.