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Explore the Language of Data!


Datatrotters makes learning games. Experience shows that games create engagement and increases knowledge retention. Datatrotters the Game consists of a physical part, the game board, on which you can play a series of cases available through an app. The cases cover topical questions in economics and finance. You can already play and predict when the sales of electric vehicles will reach 20% in Europe. Several new cases are under development this year!


About us

We are a team passionate about economic topics, data, visualization and gamification. We create engaging learning experiences to learn people the language of data.

The Game

Explore, play and learn about new topics within economics and finance, train your data skills and become a strategic decision maker.


Mini-cases and critical data sets on hot topics, news from our team, keep you posted on our blog!


Were you right? Check out the solution to the question you answered on social media. Step by step, learn more on data and economics.

Coming soon!

We are currently working on developing the next version of the app where you will have access to the library of games. A wonderful team from Kosovo is helping us in this process. Rrota has a extensive experience with gaming and education. This is so exciting!

What they’re saying …

Last August, I played the best board game of my life. I liked it so much because it was brilliantly designed for teaching about how to use economic data to solve a real-world problem. 

The game manages – miraculously, I think – to get players to exercise their analytical skills while being highly entertaining.  It’s very cleverly constructed.

Brent Kigner - Professor at FH Kufstein Tirol

The case study was well made, and applied the theory in an inspiring way.

Mina Marlussen - Bachelor student in Economics, University of Oslo


The content fits well the curriculum, case studies bring a new way of seeing things. I like the way Datatrotters’ charts stress the main learning points.

Anders Kjelsrud - Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo.

Good answer review. It explains very well what’s wrong and why, as well as what’s right and why.

Daniel Fullman - Bachelor student in Economics, University of Oslo

From lecturing only, the knowledge retention is pretty low. With this method, I guess we could increase it significantly. Feedback is important. Students love feedback, but today, we don’t have the resources to improve this aspect.

Andreas Moxnes, Professor at the University of Oslo

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