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Our Story


From Norway, France, Canada, Italy or Sri Lanka, we are a team passionate about economic topics, data, visualization and gamification. We work to create engaging learning experiences for people who wish to learn the language of data, especially related to economics and financial issues. 

We have started Datatrotters to answer a growing need in companies and society: Fulfill the gap between people’s increasing exposure to data and their ability to read and interpret it. 

Open data sources are multiplying and big data is expanding every day. In economics, finance and in the broader society, data is essential to make decisions. No theory will ever suffice if it is not supported by data. And visualisation tools create new opportunities to communicate data in an impactful way. 

Despite these trends, data analysis is still considered a matter of experts, and intimidate most of us. Only very few people ever received appropriate training in data analysis and visualization. 

We have searched for a new way to learn the language of data. We wanted something both effective, engaging, accessible, serious and fun at the same time. 

After several tests, we have finally found the right ingredients and the right balance between them. The result is our Datatrotters Game. Play our game, and you will discover topical issues, learn how to read data, interpret them, become a creative communicator, and train your strategic and problem-solving skills.

To understand our world and make good decisions, we all need to speak the language of data. Some say it is too hard. But we believe it is possible. We are Datatrotters.

Our Core Team



Our Partners