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Learn the language of data! Strengthen your data analysis skills! Learn how to communicate with data! And eventually become a data analyst or data scientist! Our short training programs support the development of skills which are in high demand while keeping the spirit of the game focusing on interactivity, practice and conviviality.



We are currently developing a series of short training programs to help you achieving your professional goals in a data-driven world. Do you need to shape up your data strategy? Do you need to learn how to work efficiently with data analysts or data scientists? Do you need to improve your ability to read and interpret data? Or do you need to train on analysis in an economic or business context?

All programs focus on four main components that are essentials to be able to make sense of data: Business, statistics, programming and communication. Depending on the program you choose, these components will have different level of technicity. We all need to learn the language of data but not all of us need to become data analysts or scientists! 

During the programs, you will strengthen your data analysis skills, learn how to communicate with data and train on problem-solving and critical thinking. You will always work with real datasets related to a given topical issue. Therefore, you will be able to rapidly apply your knowledge and skills in your current or future job. 

September, Tuesday 24th from 09.00 to 12.00

Oslo Center, Norway


We offer you to discover the basic elements of the language of data through an interactive session. Data is far from being abstract and there are many ways to interact with it… We have designed an original, practical and adaptive learning experience.

By the end of this program you will:

  • have a concrete and practical understanding of what data analysis is, when and why it is efficient to use it

  • have basic notions of what data visualization is and how to communicate with data and graphs 

  • be able to transfer your new skills to initiate an innovation process using data

The game we have developed will be central in our pedagogical approach. The method developed for the game will structure our approach to data analysis and visualization, while the case study to be played will be used as the overall context for the course.

Our MasterClass supports the development of skills and knowledge which are in high demand while keeping the spirit of the game focusing on interactivity, practice and conviviality.


Harald Magnus Andreassen,
Chief Economist Sparebank 1
Magali Børsum,
CEO Datatrotters

What: In this masterclass, you will explore the language of data through the following topical issue: How will the future development of energy sector influence the level of carbon emissions?

Who: Everybody who wants to explore the language of data. The program does not require any special data, computing or graphic skills, only motivation and curiosity!

When: Tuesday 24th September from 09.00 to 12.00

Where: Sentralen [meeting room 202], Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo Center

Language: English

Ticket Fee: NOK 490 per participant

Discounted ticket fee for startups: NOK 390 per participant