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Rock’n’roll Datatrotters?

I am French, and the big event this week is the death of Johnny Hallyday, the “French Elvis”, who had been on stage since the 1960s. Four generations grew up with his songs, and I am one of them!

But do I feel rock’n’roll? I seldom wear leather trousers… we have a Triumph motorcycle but since we had children, it is nicely parked in the garage during winter and in the courtyard during summer. It‘s important to air it a bit! I haven’t divorced, and I have been together with the same guy since 2002 who is passionate about… Economics!

You get my point? I should probably conclude that I am NOT rock’n’roll… Nevertheless, life has always something to do with music and at the moment, there is a pinch of hard rock in mine! Two jobs, three young boys, a traveling man, one part of the family in Norway and the other in France, and a few more things…

But building a business from scratch really is something literally “rock’n’roll” in itself! Without a doubt, it rocks my comfortable life. But it makes it very intense at the same time, it is a lot of fun. I met so many new people since I started. I also discovered people passionate by learning bringing lots of hours aside their regular jobs to build new concepts. I met startupers: dreamers, fighters, and a few with successful stories! I always worked a lot but now it is not only working. It feels like I am waking up, eating, sleeping with Datatrotters. It makes me roll!

An intense spinning dance, quite far from the milonga we used to dance some years ago!

– Magali